Need help with my logo, rejected logo

please help me.

hi , well , this is not bad but the thing is that this is difficult to have something like this approved today … the fact of the matter is that there is much of a deja vu feeing resulting from what u have this far … whether this is about the illustration itself, the colors or the fonts, the bottom line is that there is nothing that is either really outstanding or punchy in the first place , and even less original in the other side. U have a matter of style as not really bringing anything new to the table but in addition, to be honest the style is a bit outdated too … in addition, the typo is clean but flat and here , no matter what kind of item we are considering , much work in terms of typo is expected . The combination of colors is ok but the clearer part is lacking impact a bit and i am not a big fan of the dark blue about aesthetics

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Thanks for the feedback, n2n44.