Need help with my logo, rejected again, What do I do until my work is approved ?

Hi, i would like to know where’s the problem. Help me.

hi i think this is not bad but as for me i tend to believe that the part between the tail and the face of the fox is way better , more modern and trendy in the black version and that u should do the same with colorful version … u think that part of the issue is about execution of the face which does look super like a fox one and that besides the whole illustration makes me think a bit more about a squirrel rather than a fox indeed. otherwise the shield behind is too thin and the typo is kind of flat indeed, lacking box originality and font combinations …

Thank you very much for your response and feedback

I think because we are arabic designers
me too all my works rejected it is all professional

beware what u are saying buddy! u are basically accusing them of being racist … the fact of the matter is that what u submitted is not reaching the standards to say the least … here is where the big dogs play and the market is very saturated , there are lots of guys in town and tons of items so that the standards raised more and more …

I do not think so, here accept work based on the level of work and there is no racism of reviewers

I don’t think so, I’ve already been rejected more than once but sometime my design will be accepted

You know, the worst thing is when you have completed your tasks at work for the client, and he gives you new information for corrections and you need time to rework. I hate this thing so much. And this happens all the time.