Need help with my logo, hard rejected logo

Hi, i would like to know where’s the problem.
I would like to ask advice from you master, please help me to understand the proper requirements for upload the logo. :frowning:

As I understood from the guidelines, do not use single letter logos. Try to make it more generic.

allright sir, I’ll try another ways to make it more generic, thank you!

I don’t see why you would need to be more generic.

  • I don’t think the pairings between the brand name and the slogan really work together

  • the main title looks/feels a bit pixelated. Is that a font or illustration?

  • the single A for the badge feels a bit lost and adds to the sense of confusion between the title and the slogan (all of which are styled very differently)

I see you have point there sir, thanks a lot sir. Its bring me new ideas to make acceptable logos. And actually its a font not an illustration, i think my export process is wrong in AI thats why it looks pixelated