Need help with license (4 ONLINE SPOTS IN 10 COUNTRIES)


We have a work in progress with 4 different online spots for the same trademark/campaign in 10 countries and 10 translations, and we don’t know what is the convenient license for us.

We are thinking to choose one “Music Broadcast (10 Million)”, its that ok?

We need help please,

Hi, will they be uploaded only to internet, without e.g. tv? If so, 4 standard licenses should be ok.

Hi! thanks for your answer

it will be only to internet, not tv.

Are you sure standard its ok? May be the Music mass reproduction is better?

“Use in one end product, free or commercial. Most web uses. Up to 1 million broadcast audience. Plus unlimited copies of a downloaded or physical end product . The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.”

Not broadcast (tv) but “…unlimited copies of a downloaded… product”… i think this means watch an online video, no?

(sorry for my english)

Will it be possible to download or only streaming? If streaming = standard. If download = mass reproduction.

Streaming only, thanks for your time RedOctopus!

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