Need help with Justified Image Grid

Justified Image Grid not work, need help.

Wordpress-version: 5.5.3. PHP-version: 7.4.9. JIG-version 4.01. Page is MLA is 2.84.

I upgrade my homepage PHP, now PHP is 7.4.9, also I upgdade wordpress. So, in my opinion, now 9th December 2020 my homepage is updated to new version. After a little work, Wordpress, PHP etc start work, so my page is now ok.

After this update JIG stop work. Eg. this gallery: shortcode is [justified_image_grid image_tags=“Sfera Robur,videokuvalla” image_categories=tuotekuva]. This shortcode is ok and was fully funktioned about 2 year. Eg. this gallery was filled with this type photos: (“video”, means found videocamera from product, this black circle.) Now there is some right photos, not all, and much wrong photos.

Today I tested stronger fix: I clean caches and fully uninstall of JIG. After this, I download JIG-zip-file from official place and install plugin. No effect, fault is same.

SO: JIG is quite simple, “install, activate” and make shortcode. In my case, this is better case, my galleries was better before update.

So: how I can fix this? Please help me… I try, try, try and no any effect. Now three days work and still JIG not work…