Need help with inserting google analytics code

Hi there,
I have some google analytics code and I am not sure where it goes, it is an event snippet and I am trying to place it to monitor the use of my Quform - Quform have this info page ( ) but I don’t understand any of that.

My Quform plugin has an area for custom CSS and another for custom Javascript, am I to place it in there?

Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated.

My code is this:
Google Code


please check the place where you have option to put custom Javascript. Is there any instructions about the code should place without <script> tag. If yes then just copy only code within <script> tag from your google_code.txt and paste in custom Javascript


Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

I believe I can past code there without the script tags yes, I was just not sure if that is all I have to do?

I put the code below :slight_smile: Thanks so much


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