Need Help with Deep Soul theme

Hi there, I have previously used Make them and am testing out Deep Soul. I’m having a few issues.

  1. There is a white box section below the header and above the content section on every one pf my pages and I can’t figure out what it is, what is supposed to be there, or how to remove it.

  2. I can’t get my logo to upload, any size or image. I’ve tried uploading to the Customizer. I also can’t see a site title or description anywhere. I was able to upload a header background image.

  3. In Make, I could upload images into the page content builder and add text to overlay the image. How can I do this with Deep Soul? I’m not seeing a way to edit text (color, size, font) on top of a cover size image.


I also cannot find the “Panel” element in the Visual Composer? Thanks.

Consider to contact the author directly instead of posting the issue(s) at the forum. Forum is for general purposes but not for theme support