Need help with Construction Theme

I’m trying to get support for the Construction theme from this page - - but whenever I click on “Submit a Ticket” it just keeps bringing me back to the same page

I’m trying to find out how to edit the logo and “Construction” text in the top left of the page and the “Toll free” phone number on the right. On the Widgets page the “Top Bar left” and “Top Bar right” widgets are both disabled - saying “because you are using default header | Theme Options > Header” I can’t find this menu option to turn it on

Any ideas on why I can’t submit a ticket or how to fix these problems


Try leaving a comment on the item page - I’m sure the developer would be happy to help you figure out why you can’t submit a ticket.

But for the logo and top bar text try checking the WordPress customizer (in your dashboard navigate to Appearance > Customize), or check the Theme Panel in your dashboard if your theme has one - I would think these are the two most likely places you’ll find the options you’re looking for.

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Thanks - actually found what I needed late last night

How did you fix this? Im having the same issue.

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