Need help with a very small issue.


I’m wondering if anyone can help me with a very small issue I’m having. It would probably take someone who knows what they are doing 10 minutes to sort out. (I can pay via Paypal)

I am using a Custom Theme which i purchased on Envato. The Theme is a Movies and TV Reviews Theme. Users can add Movies and Shows to their Favorite and create their own Watchlists.

The issue I’m having is… To access the Movie and Shows Watchlists. You have to visit the ‘My Account’ page. And there is tabs in there which are (‘Favorite Movies’ and 'Favorite Shows) This then loads what they have added to favorite.

I want to add Favorite Movies and Favorite Shows to my main menu. But there is no link on these 2 tabs in my account. So i need someone to edit the my account, so when Users select Favorite Movies it opens as a url sane with Favorite Shows.

Here is a link to the My Account page:

You will see what i mean, if you select these 2 tabs. The link stays the same as /my-account

I want them to change so they use a link so i can add them to the main menu.

Hope this makes sense. This is only a little job, so i don’t want to spend much on it, but i also have much more work for someone who would be interested.


Hi @Insomniacs-Builds

For doing this job you can hire a freelancer from



If you want to it yourself.

I think you can contact with your item author from here

who knows well about your theme.

If they ask about purchase key you can collect it from here

Or If you want to hire freelancer then search form Enavto studio It’s Envato freelancer Platform.

or you can get someone from here like @ki-themes

hope issue will solved


I am willing to do this job for you.

Please drop me an email i am standby and will proceed next with your work asap