Need help with a motion graphics template not displaying images I added in AE in Premiere.

Hi. I just purchased an AE motion graphics template to promote a conference. Event Promo Business Conference to be exact. I followed the video instructions, exported the motion graphics, imported it to Premiere, but 16 of 17 images aren’t visible. Help!

How can we help you? You need to contact the author of the project. Only he can give you help. Just write to him through his profile page

Hi Romlan.

Thanks for the response. It took me a bit to locate the author’s profile page. I did send an email and am awaiting for him to get back with me. Is email the primary way of reaching authors? I need help and need it ASAP.



All you can to do is wait…

Did you replace images in all 17 placeholders, generally in help file author explains how to replace in 1 placeholder and instruct you to follow same steps for the remaining placeholders

Hi and yes, I replaced images in all 17 placeholders. Still come images are not displaying. I did just email the author and waiting for a response. Thanks for your reply.