Need help with 1st refund request

Hi guys, i just received request for refund. And not sure how to act.

Yet since i buy a lot of stuff too, and 40-50$ is not worth of troubling myself of asking for refund (just at least i may feel that a patreon of someones effort). Shall i approve the request?!
client wrote following:
I was wondering if you could provide me with a refund. It is mostly a great theme but I can’t use it for what I want as it doesn’t have the capabilities.

1. Not many options for woocommerce product page customization (I thought this would be in Elementor)

2. Currencies are written back to front

  1. I can’t integrate with printful’s REST API due to the permalink settings.

Hello. If buyer have downloaded item , don’t give refund.

  1. Is Woo Commerce preventing edits to these pages using elementor?

  2. Offer to fix it

  3. Sounds like a third party integration so not your problem (see if there’s a quick win fix maybe)

I’d explain 1 and 3 are beyond your control and offer to fix 2 - then if they still ask for refund you have grounds to reject it

  1. Nope, but this is optional, like on other themes.
  2. It is possible to fix it via woocomerce settings (we just left it as an european format).
  3. Third parti integration is not a trouble too, but it seems buyer doesnt have enough experience.

Yet this is what he wrote me back:
*Yes, thank you for your suggestion and I hope you are well rewarded for your time. You have a really good theme but it is incapable of doing what I need it to do and I don’t have the time and know-how to make these changes or know the right people. So please go ahead with my refund request and I will look for updates on your theme as they come in. Hope my feedback helps in some way too."

Yet i just said that im considering refund, and here is kind of making conclusion that ill do this. Yet in this email he clarifies, that he lacks of experience.

Another strange thing that his profile is for over 8years on envato, and he have only 1+ collector badge.

100% he is not “entitled” to a refund

Third party integration, and lack of experience is not a valid reason.

It’s up to you but it sounds like they just want a refund and are clutching at excuses.

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I think you are right. Yet to be very sure, i cancel his request, but offered him to use “envato step in” solution. Hopefully i would not receive 1* review :frowning:

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If you did get a bad rating I can’t see how envato wouldn’t side with you and cancel it esp if you offered to help fix his issues

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