Need help. what song is this? Audiojungle

Who can help - I´m looking for this song:


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something familiar , can’t remember , but they are use with watermark :scream:

any idea? I dont get any further…

Hi @ChrisStern! You might want to try MartijndeBont’s portfolio. He has a TON of stuff very, very similar to the video you posted. Sounds like Matijnde’s style to me so it could be him. Good luck, let us know if you find it! :slight_smile:

###View / Listen to MartijndeBont’s Portfolio

Let me also ping @MartijndeBont directly to see if he can identify the track.

Hi guys! @scottwills, thanks for the ping! This track is not mine but I do have many tracks like this on my portfolio, so please feel free to have a look or contact me directly if you need any help.