Need HELP | Using Mikado Theme| How do i ease my work if multiple pages need same structure


I have Country Specific screen where in I tell about country details, visa info etc. I have created it in a specific format.

Now my application will have 100 countries, will I need to create 100 pages ?

Is there any easier way to do this ?

Hey @selfietales12

I’m tagging in @Mikado-Themes, the author of the item.

They’ll be the best placed to help you out with the issue.

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Author is your best option as @matthewcoxy said.

There may be a way to dynamically insert relevant info based on page IDs but it would not be a basic customisation and I would not be sure what impact it would have on SEO.

many Thanks.
Is there a csv/excel plugin which can help me directly push data in DB and
that is displayed in the pages ?

You really need o ask the author as it depends on a lot on the theme - it would normally be something you need to configure from the database but again it is not a basic edit