need help uploaded theme in themeforest unfortunately hard rejected


Hi everyone i recently uploaded my theme in themeforest and unfortunately hard rejected please if any one have perfect expereiace with thempforest help me what shoud i fix to resubmit it what is my big mistake? thx for your perfect advice!

need helpful advice to my first and new rejected item

Keep working on it.

Make it unique! It looks the same as everything else.

Everyone gets rejected the first time, keep working on it.



  1. Use a better font for header … Search for Poppins at Google Fonts.
  2. Need to work on that logo
  3. Navigation need more styling. Don’t like the text shadow style. Use some transparency for shadow.
  4. Spacing between elements need some fixing

Keep at it … :smiley:


thx dear dtbaker for your helpful advice i observe it for next submit. any other mistake of you see please i hear from you?


thx dear ravenasia for your helpful advice i note all of your tips for next resubmit. any other mistake if you see please i hear from you?