Need help, totally lost

Help, totally new to all of this and spending hours looking through themes and getting no where. How can I learn? I want a compare the market type website with a comparison table which would link to my manual database of companies, costs, details etc.

Anyone have a dummies guide to or can point me in the right direction of what I’m looking for so I at least have a starting block.

Thanks very much
From the total amateur

You won’t find something like that out of the box in a stock marketplace and it will require a degree of custom development.

Most sites like that use API data feeds which need to be applied and configured depending on the suppliers being compared.

If you are using manual I.e not real time data sets then the extra work is going to be to set up the process of connecting these and ensuring consistent variables to allow for like for like comparison and search.

It’s doable but won’t be a cheap or quick job and you need to make sure the developer helping is completely competent.

You can look on at vetted freelancers who could probably help

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