Need help to understand that the track is ready to submit

Hello everyone.
I need help with rating the track.
I’ve been trying for a couple of months to approve at least one of my tracks.
do you think the track is ready?

past tips were: to reduce the width of the panorama, the piano was too robotic, and the parts are too wild.

I tried to correct these errors as far as possible.

Thanks in advance

any suggestions?

Hi @BorisMel
The piano sounds good in this track. The problem here is the strings and brass. The balance between them is off. There are some rhythmic movement in the strings, but they are drowned out by the brass. There are also severe timing issues in both brass and strings and the programming isn’t smooth enough. Both the start and ending of phrases sounds abrupt, where they should fade more smoothly in and out.
There are thousands of tracks using the exact same chord progression, so you are directly competing with similar tracks that are at a much higher production level.
And fade outs are a big no no.
I would try to make something more unique, both in terms of musical ideas and arrangement.

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Agree with all of this. Maybe try a break at some point where the piano and instruments just hold for a measure. It’ll give something to edit to.

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Thanks so much for the constructive advice.
It is very important for me.
I will do as you advise

What type of editing do you mean?
If a pause in the footage. I’ll try to find an approximate video to understand how to do it right.
Thanks for the advice!

I just mean that sometimes breaks in the music are helpful when someone adds your music to a commercial or something. They can time a big change in the video to sync up with a big change in your music, or a break in the music etc.

ok, got it!

No problem, good luck with your submission!

Hi there,

Great job!

In addition to the other remarks, you might want to filter out some of the mechanical noise from the piano a bit too. Since that’s the primary instrument I wouldn’t roll off too much of the bass, just bring it down a bit. Also the track needs double bass, I’m thinking.

Good luck!

  • Nathan