Need Help to Reduce Tax

Hello everyone,

I have recently started selling products on Envato Graphics River and i am getting a problem, I have uploaded flyers and 1 flyer cost is $6 and when it sold i got only $2. Can you please let me know how to reduce Tax please don’t send me any link because i am getting nothing by checking the links.

please help me.


To reduce US tax you want to fill the W8 form that can be found in the “Tax Information” part of the “Settings” tab of your dashboard. Once you’ve filled the W8, you’ll get rid of US Tax for your future non-US sales.

For your US sales, there is two possibilities:

  1. Your country does not have a Tax treaty with the US: your US sales will continue to have tax withholding, nothing you can do.
  2. Your country has a tax treaty with the US: Then you want to fill in a valid Tax Id Number so that the treaty can be applied. Tax withholding amount will then depend on the treaty specifications.

Fixed buyer fee on Graphicriver, so your list price is $6, buyer’s fee is $1, item price is $5, authors fee is $2.75 and the net amount to you (not including any taxes) is $2.25.

If that’s what you’re getting, then that’s right. If you’re getting bang on $2.00 then it sounds like you’re having 5% tax withheld, and you’d have needed to fill in a W8 to get the reduced rate. As a result, it can’t get any less unless you move house. If full tax 30% withholding was being applied, you’d be getting $0.75, rather than $2.00 or $2.25.

More info here that might help clarify…