Need help to getting approved on graphicriver


We are uploading content on graphicriver and other contributor sites. But all our content has been rejected on graphicriver. Meanwhile same content getting approved on other sites. We need suggestions and kind assistant how can we get approved on graphicriver & Where are we making mistakes?
We are receiving this msg every time.

“Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Kids Cartoon Character Illustration - Vector” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”


First suggestion: show your rejected items.
None of us have telepathy


hi if this is an illustration, as u did not show us anything yet, here is what i can tell u to help u … first of all check what is selling or approved. Focus on quality and try to upload on regular basis. Make sure that u have closed all paths, as well. If there is typo in the mix, make sure that this worked out, both original and harmonious and that there are font combinations …

You said we. How many you are? You are team? Show us what you guys work. We cannot advice you on blind.

this is decent, though the style is a bit outdated and there is a work of shadowing to bring to the table in my view. I think that trying to rework faces would be a good idea too

Which work is outdated ?
Smiley or Characters ?

both a bit, in terms of style

Okay thanks. One thing more, in which category cartoon illustration should come ? and font should be outlined ?

Thanks in advance

this is my point of view only, maybe people would feel a different way but thsi is how i analyze things indeed, i just advice u to have a closer look at the category in a general way this way u will be able to answer more precisely and efficiently to your last question too, as for me i would have said illustration , not cartoon, but i am not expert about this , so , better checking the category in a general way as i told u …

Yup I am also choosing illustration category. Just asked for confirmation. Or what about fonts ? should be outlined ?

i do not see any typo here … so what is your question pls?

This one

Or if we are uploading logo. Does font should be outlined ? If not then what should be the method ?

this is the one i like best this is minimalistic style but this one may go through like this i think, as for me, i would have ceryainly introduced gradients in the mix and try to go a bit farther in details, but it depends on the style u want to create …

Well. I am asking about font ? Should it be outlined or live ?

shpudl be editable :slight_smile: