Need help to clear soft reject factor

Today, I got a soft reject message from Reviewer:

  1. Bundled plugins must be included in the main zip file. You are allowed to offload the plugins to your server in order to reduce the size of the installable WordPress format zip file, as long as they are included elsewhere in the main zip. Example(s): Markup 2022-01-21 at 11.08.30.png - Droplr

So all I have to do is create a “Bundled plugins” folder with some commercial require plugin file (in zip format) for the Main zip file but the theme ? is that right?!

P.s: Currently, we do install require plugins for the theme with all commercial files was hosted on my server (online server).

Please advice,
Thanks in Advances

Yes, it’s correct.

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tks, i will :slightly_smiling_face: