Need help to choose the track.

I’m going to make a video with beautiful views of Norway. And I want to put one of my tracks there. Honestly - I have - already chosen track. But I am unsure. I was just wondering … What would be a more suitable track for the opinion of others people from AudioJungle. Why not ask the other composers. If you have a time of course.

Just write a name of track you liked. This is a very important for me. I have a couple of days before this job should be done.

Hi @_Blacksmith! In my view, is well suited Medieval

Thanks man. I`l remember that! Need to wait a cluple of hours. May be someone live a comment

Really great job Done,Man.

What did you mean?)))

For landscapes and beautiful nature it’s always wise to use cinematic ambient tracks. Not ethnic .
So what part of Norway will you include?

The is a mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, mostly a nature views… I think… What do you think about inspiring tracks?

Yeah man. I think inspiring piano and orchestral tracks will be better. Check my featured track on my profile and see if you have something similar. Or you can write one.

Thanks for your advise. This is a very important.

No problem man. Good luck :slight_smile:

For a country like Norway, which combines cold and warm in an unique and complex way, in my opinion, the inspirational path is the best! Here’s a few suggestions:

Good luck with your project, mate!

Thanks for advices and comments. I think all things point me on - i should to write new track. I`ve listen all my tracks and no find anything what supposed to be there. I mean i have a lot of music…Just i have to write a new work.Clear.

And thanks for advises again.Good luck in your creativity