Need help to change the blog grid into one column.

Hello, i want to have a full with layout with one column in the blog layout. In the backend i can only choose 2 and more. I think i have to change the blog-layout.php but i don`t know how. Can anybody help me?
I am happy for every feedback.

There is no one who will answer You on that question without see code and work on it.
If You do not know php and wordpress, just try to find blog that have design like You want to have and buy it.

Such as reply from @WordicaThemes, you need do it with yourself or try find another template look similar with your wish. Other, you can pick up and hire someone to do it for you.

I assume she’s using a theme but posted in the wrong forum.

Ok sorry guys – i`m new here. I use the Theme Avada and would also pay for help.
This is the code where i have to say that i want to use one column.

// Set the correct post container layout classes
$blog_layout = avada_get_blog_layout();
$post_class = sprintf( ‘fusion-post-%s’, $blog_layout );
if ( $blog_layout == ‘grid’ ) {
$container_class = sprintf( 'fusion-blog-layout-%s fusion-blog-layout-%s-%s isotope ', $blog_layout, $blog_layout, Avada()->settings->get( ‘blog_grid_columns’ ) );
} else {
$container_class = sprintf( 'fusion-blog-layout-%s ', $blog_layout );

From what I know Avada have their own support ticket system. If it’s not customization then they will help You for free.

Thanks, i try this. But i think that this is a customization thing.

If you need help for customization, please contact for me via email:

Hello Numina,

I have an problem with Gazette Magazine theme.

There is a problem with the pagination. With this page:

going from this page at:

the items shown are always the same.

I tested that by changing the theme and setting, for example, the default theme Twenty Fifteen, however, work correctly.

Please, help me.

Best regards,
Renato Romano

You can check at here:

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