Need help to be approved!

Hi guys,
I really need your feedback to improve my template’s design to be approved. Here is the demo:

Really appreciated your time and feedbacks.

I not know if approved your html because problems:

  • spacing

  • color

  • typography

but you can see for example in themeforest approved for fix some spacing etc… but I like your website. :slight_smile:


This was previously for sale under a different name and cannot now be resubmitted .

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Thanks for your feedback.

I used to work with the RavisTheme, and the template you mentioned is very different with the new one (Apadana). Here is one of the websites that use Colosseum and you can compare them!

I know that we cannot resubmit our previous products because of that we are creating new one. Maybe your browser caches the previous content on the same URL.