Need help to be approved a rejection item

One of my item which is an PHP script had been hard rejected today. Here is the demo…

I invested last three months to develop this item. Reviewer even not go to live demo. How can they reject an item at least not checking the live demo? This same item with .NET core api already approved by them 7 months earlier.
Really need some feedbacks about the rejection.
Thanks in advance.

dear @mgscoder, @AMCoders can you please visit my demo site here and give a feedback?

can you post the .net demo link you are talking about which was approved?

yes, of course. have a look here

@venbradshaw can you post a feedback here? it will help me.

Does it have any front end?

@phpscriptpoint yes of course . Front end link already given on the topic anyway if you miss that i am posting it again( . Front end developed by vue.js

focus on UI its looking low quality UI

@AMCoders can you elaborate more please? i mean which part of UI i should focus on or any suggestions to add more features as if it looks better from the existing one.

i mean the product context is not clear.


I wonder… if some of the code quality team look in to the code it self or, at least, run some static análisis test of the code?

May be this is the problem?

could be… but i really don’t know their approval process.