Need help setting up

Need help to set up a site I have a wordpress business plan and enviro eaylisting but not ever used Wordpress before I really need someone who can work their magic, I am after a review site to review venues, searched by postcode/ map area etc. It needs to have the option for business to opt for a paid listing associated with the review. A small ecomerce shop and a product review area. Visitors need to be able to post pictures of their visits to the it wil nee integration with instagram, and Facebook . I also will need a event listing page on a calendar format so up and coming competitions can be listed

what would people recommend I do?

That’s quite a list of requirements and without investigating am almost certain that it will go beyond the scope of most themes and require a fair bit of customisation.

You can look for freelancers at but bear in mind that to set it all up from scratch plus write the bespoke features in will not be a cheap job.