Need help relocating my website

The website was previously done in SQL and Visual Basic and I need help relocating it to another host as existing host is terminating the contract as they are moving on. I have all files and coding but don’t know where to start.


Please contact me via skype : varunsridharan23

Hello there,

I’m also interested in the job. If you’d like to work together, please, droop me an email to gmail(at)




Why when you migrate site dont make new modern site? Current one is outdated and non responsive.

Just check first with your new host, some hosting company provide a free data migration for their clients who migrate from other hosting.

THanks guys … company sadly won’t do transfer. I’ve found someone that can help though. Thanks for all your interest and support.

THanks but I am sorted now. Thanks for the interest.

Yeah … it is out dated. I have a new one almost ready. We just need a replica of the old one so we have something to fall back to if needed. I’m now sorted though.

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