Need Help: PowerPoint Slides Rejected

Hi everybody,

last week I uploaded my first PowerPoint item, which consists of timeline and roadmap slides.
Unfortunately my upload got rejected. That is why I checked the the list of rejection reasons.
I added a new thumbnail image in a higher resolution and an instruction for the use of the PowerPoint slides.
After that I uploaded the same item again. Now the item got hard rejected due to the fact that the first and second upload are almost the same.

So, please help me to understand how I can improve my upload.
Is the resolution of the thumbnail still not good enough?
Do the PowerPoint slides do not meet the quality standards of Graphicriver?

You can find the thumbnail as well as 2 pictures of the PowerPoint slides at the bottom.

I am looking forward of your feedback! :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot and best regards,



hi u have different types of issues as for iu can see here …

this is definitely too flat , lacking variations and font combinations indeed

this is a bit messy as far as this is concerned indeed

the spacing between elements is uneven and this impact the global lay out as mentioned beforehand indeed

i understand that u tried to follow curves, though alignment looks not need and i think that this is a much better idea to stick to more traditional alignment