Need help please


I need someone who can help me for getting my item approved (for first time).
Just message me and we will make a deal.


This one?

Hi charlie,

Thank you so much for answer.
Can I explain you everything first please ?
(I send you message)

I don’t use private message here I am afraid. Happy to take a look but needs to be via public forums.

No problem,

I need help for first time.
Someone who can explain me how to get item approved.
I submit a lot of work from 2015 to 2018.

Then from:

to a new one (not finished still working…)

    This is a long long way from where you need to be in terms of design, execution and quantity of features, attention to detail and so on.

    You cannot buy a template somewhere else, change a logo and resubmit it here. Aside from this being illegal, it is also a complete waste of the reviews time and highly disrespectful to other authors.

I just need a review of this:

Still it’s not finished. Need to create more pages and fix responsive for devices.
But on first look ?

There’s not enough to review there but based on above you need to make absolutely certain that this is entirely 100% your own work in terms of both the design and code.

It’s mine, I have psd of all pages. And coded and designed.
But on first page is okay ?

The design feels quite outdated already but again that’s based on a few images and lines of text do not enough to judge.

If you have original PSD designs done then why not submit those in the meantime?

PSD dont sell good…
Want to finish HTML and give PSD into it

Which one to fix ?