Need Help Please !!! Hard Reject !!!

Help please, to understand why rejected the logo. It’s a pity to throw out such work, I want to fix and resubmisiion again.

I don’t know a real reject reason, but i think it’s too complex logo (you connected too much different sounds)

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Many thanks for the tip !!! Take into consideration…

I look forward to any critic: by form, quality, etc…

Very nice work ))) I do not why (((:pensive:

It’s definitely too complex , you need 5 robots and 24 letters for this logo … :slight_smile:
Try to make it shorter… best of luck dude !

I agree with @Synthezx. I have same feel when listening it.

Thank you Buddy !!!

Thanks LuckyBlackCat !!!

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I agree with @Synthezx too! Complexity!!!

Thanks Buddy !!!

I’m honestly surprised , it is first hard reject in this year)))

To my opinion it sounds more like SFX, not a logo.
Best wishes! :wink:

I believe the logo is too specific. Lot of elements in a short period of time. Imagine a client trying to adapt an already made video logo to this kind of audio. Your logo is cool though!

I agree, i need to look like video on videohive)))

Agreed with said above. I’d cut this to several separated sounds, add some useful variations and upload as sfx transforming pack. Creating 3D transformations videomakers for sure mostly prefer to sound design their own visual ideas than to adapt it for such specific audio.

But itself it’s cool!

Thank you!!!

I don’t usually do logos or mnemonics as they are sometimes called so, I may be way off here. In the world of commercial adverts a logo or mnemonic is normally 3 to 5 seconds long. What you’ve done here is much longer than that and although it doesn’t repeat as a loop the sounds are very similar and it sort of comes across that way.

It strikes me as a cinematic cue written for a specific scene. It’s really nice and sounds great but it’s very scene specific.

An idea may be to go to videohive, search for logos, download a preview, mute the music track the videohiver is using (if there is one) and score something original to it…just an idea

That being said, it’s really impossible to know why the reviewers reject things because there’s no feedback from them. I recently expanded and re-mixed a demo I did for Coke that was one of the finalist to be in used for an advert that aired during the London Olympics…got a hard reject and it really makes no sense to me.

All I can say is keep swingin’ for the fence… I went and gave a listen to what you’re doing. Nice stuff Archimusic!

Verry nice, i love it.

Can you tell me please what soft are you using to create this sound?

Thanks for the tip !!! Initially, visually I imagined it as a complex integrated logo, or a complex transformation of the letters and the various elements, but if reviewer found that this is not a commercial product, or not enough commercial - will think how to make it commercial))) With your help))))) Thanks to all who have not passed …)))