Need Help Paid for installation + however the theme home page search is non responsive

I paid for the installation of themeforest + demo content. However the home page search is non responsive the person who did the istallation informed me that it was not their problem but the authors problem . Please advise and who can sort this out ?

Is the sites address

Please help

It depends on if the search functionality works in the demo and the theme as standard.

I would be inclined to agree with the person who helped you install it. Unless there is a specific plugin or special functionality involved (unlikely) then the installation process would not impact this usually.

I would definitely begin by speaking to the theme author.

It works in demo. How can I get it to work as I am a Novice ?

Ask the author - if that’s the case then it’s probably something straightforward in the setup process


Your whole site is not working. No one can see or help you. I have install tons of Themeforest templates and setup demo content. And from my experience lots of people don’t read small letters in description of template.

I cant open your link so I cant tell what is wrong or what template you are using.

Thank for your help I already did that but they just said it looks ok. So I have resent a message to what I believe to be the author


Zacc do you have a installation or wordpress installers account with envatostudios can you also do customization ( obviously that depends what it is ) Would you also be willing if you can do customization to expalin how you did it . Obviously all these services are paid for . Would you be interested in working with me?

Kind regards

In case of interest, you can contact me: