Need HELP or the video tutorial for Motion 5 transforming logo template


I downloaded the Transforming Logo template for motion 5 a few days ago. It says it comes with a video tutorial and help page but all that was included was the help page from when it was a AE project. I am extremely novice in Motion5 and would love some help on it. I have emailed the author and their response was it wan’t created by them but by Envato employees so he had no idea and had no experience with motion 5. Click link below for the exact template. Thanks in advance.


I think you should contact Envato support.
Because even if the owner of this item didn’t create it, he CAN edit description of this item. But it still says that “video tutorial included”. Actually it’s a lie. Nonsense!


I agree thanks i’ll give that a shot


Did you get any help from Envato? I have the same problem.