Need help on this rejected Epic track


My bros and sisters,
Can someone please give ides of why was this track HARD rejected?
I put so much effort on it, and to me its powerful and fat.
But AJ reviewers don’t think so!
Love and hugs,
Lost Sound Studio


did you put the AJ sample in there every 4 seconds? I think it should have a 10 second pause.
That could be it… sounds pretty cool but also a bit dull overall… when i think chase i think excitement! things dynamically shifting left and right, high energy drums and fills, fast synths, etc…


I like this track and have no idea why you got hard reject… :scream:


I agree. It doesn’t sound like a chase to me. I’d picture some sort of covert operation, like infiltrating a secret base or hacking into a supercomputer. :smile: Maybe you should change the title so that you don’t mislead the reviewers?

I think the song is very cool, personally. But it sounds to me like you are playing a loop and it is getting cut off at the end. Take 2:57 for example. I thought it was something wrong with my playback, but it happens at the same point each time. And like the others have pointed out, you really need to change the interval time to 10 seconds for the watermark. It’s obnoxious otherwise.


@RobertSlump Guys the AJ watermark it isn’t a strict thing, I put it on everyplace that I think that it could be misused.
For example if you put it every 10 seconds , a ‘mastermind’ can download it and make the loop from there.
Second thing @solarythmia music is personal and so it the title - one can imagine making a kill with Fur Elise ?!
those ‘things’ happening 2 you at 2:57 is where the loop repeats! That why it is cut that way, so the loop repeats seamlessly!
If it was the title or the watermark, the reviewer could have made a soft reject not a Hard one!!!

@Cryonics thanks for the support bros!


I honestly couldn’t imagine killing something to the sound of Fur Elise. The comparison is silly. While a title choice is personal, it’s also subjective. Just like the feedback you are requesting.

The loop does not repeat seamlessly or I wouldn’t have been able to point it out.

You are so concerned about the watermark that you have made the demo of your song annoying to play. According to, “Do not edit the watermark in any way. It must play every ten seconds.” These are not my rules, they are AJ’s.


the watermark is a strict thing. Every 10 seconds, that’s the rule!


No, there appear to be several glitches in the track. Check 2:40 and 2:57. The song suddenly cuts out, like a loop failure. I checked on multiple browsers, reloaded my cache, and even checked with my iPhone. It’s the same two spots.


Alright, but is that a reason for a hard reject?


I had a friend check the song as well. There are a few glitches in the playback.


Dude you have no idea what are you talking about.
The SONG theme starts at 00 seconds and ends at 2:29 THOSE seconds afterwards are ONLY loops.
Made ready to be repeated !
Do you know what LOOP means?
Loop doesn’t have an ENDING. It stops like that so it can be duplicated seamlessly.
For your curiosity, download this preview and put it into wave and delete everything else except the 'glitching part, and there you have an infinite loop!
Its also called DIRECT CUT!


Whoa, easy champ. You asked for help and I think there are people here trying to do so. I know it’s frustrating getting a hard rejection, but if you ask for help then slam those that try, you may not get far in improving your track.

The “DIRECT CUT!” may be your intention, but it does sound like an audio artifact, sorry.

Also, as much as you want to protect your track, the AJ watermark is just too frequent. I’m sure that’s reason for a hard reject all by itself.

Good luck, it’s a nice track but there are a couple small things that you can easily fix to get it accepted.

Your call.


There is no need to be hateful. I know what a direct cut is. They didn’t sound like direct cuts to me, they sounded like playback errors. Sorry for the mistake, but your rudeness is completely out-of-line.


I am not being so believe me, hold on 20 minutes bros I will make a video of the same thing!


You are being extremely rude. You attacked me multiple times when I was only trying to give you helpful feedback. Good luck with your song. I am sure it will do well once you get it fixed.


That’s not a feedback! And I’m not being rude!
You’re not reading my replies at all!


I am reading your replies completely and trying to give you the most thoughtful responses I can possibly give. You are being defensive and writing with a lot of exclamation marks (!), which makes it seem as if you are yelling at me.

What is not feedback? I do not understand what you are saying.


I’m not not bro, I am calling you bro all the time ain’t I?
You are assuming like I’m doing so. :slight_smile:


“You have no idea what you are talking about”-- is that not an insult? Among the other comments you have made, it seems rude and insulting from my perspective. But it’s really irrelevant at this point. The purpose of this thread is to give you useful feedback to improve your song, not get into arguments.


Good luck with your song.