Need Help on Soft Rejected Item

This is the comments received from envato quality team, what can i do next? is it enough changing only the name of the item? Please Help
Thank you…

Change the name of it, and as well titles within AE file. Name it like “Style”, “Fashion” and etc.

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Thank you so much…if change the titles within the AE files its required to again render the files to submit right?

Write a unique title at here
or keep a unique name hope they will approved

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Thank you so much …what is that link that showing the image, can i please know that?

soft rejected item can’t see other user without main author
You just change your item name and make it or keep a unique name hope your item will approved.
I have take this screenshot view lightshot addons

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Sure, i understood. I ll change the name and resubmitting it, hope team 'll approved.

Thank you much all…authors

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May I suggest a name? “Stylish Dynamic Photo Opener”
I hope animation is dynamic, because I couldn´t watch the video preview haha!

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ohh no…Just now i resubmitted …with the name of “Stylish Short Album Opener”…
can i able to reedit that in that Edit tab.

Just a minute, i ll post that preview link

Good name!
I guess you can because your item is still hidden, so edit and resubmit

Done…Pls visit :

Yeah…it´s dynamic. Cool! Let´s cross fingers
If “Short” doesn´t work use Dynamic haha!

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Ok…can i use this name with your rights…? “Stylish Short Album Opener”

Sure :smile: :smile:

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Tell me how it worked when you have the review done :wink:

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Sure…:innocent:@ GoForMotion

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Thanks a lot…to All…Item got Approval:heart_eyes::innocent: