Need help on compression


So this is my first corporate track. One of the things I struggle with is mixing and mastering. I’ve got two versions of the same track. Would you mind letting me know which one is better? Did I overcompress the second one? Thanks!


I think the second version is much better - yes the compression is very noticable there but that’s OK in this context as it glues the track (especially the snare and snare room) together. Speaking of snare though, I am not sure about the snare loudness and sound, especially because you are looking at the corporate category. It feels a little out of place (much less so in the second mix thanks to the compression) and maybe still a little too dry and “in your face” for the ambient, floating corporate feel that you are trying to create. Maybe a somewhat lower snare with and a little more room on it will do the track good? Just a thought…


If you think the second one ‘might’ be overcompressed - then it surely is. To become better in mixing and mastering means also to develop some kind of taste and know when to trust it. Even if you make wrong decisions today it’s very important that you practice making decisions. And that you make them based on your personal preferences.

I’m sorry if my reply is trying to be “too smart” but this is something that I struggle with and I wish I had known before.


My monitors tell me to cut off high frequencies to kick. It will sound more natural. Mixing and mastering difficult job. I wish you luck with that.


I really appreciate the thoughtful response! I agree that the snare is a little too aggressive for this kind of track. I knew something was off with the drums. Thanks! I’ll be sure to play around with that to see if I can find something that fits a bit better.

That’s a good rule of thumb. Getting a good ear for what sounds good is definitely something I’m working on. Thanks for the insight!

Awesome! I’ll play around with that. Thanks!


I am already at the beginning of the second option is more like