Need Help - My Item Was Rejected. They tell me I Can Not Re-Submit It Again

I’m new author and submitting an item (WooCommerce plugin called WooCommerce Customer Device Info) as an exclusive author.

After waiting for 6 days, my item was rejected, and I can not submit that item again. Below the message I receive:

Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “WooCommerce Customer Device Info” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

Since that message said that I can not resubmit that item, I decide to submit it into another marketplace and it approved. This is the link in other market

I’m not comparing between two marketplace. I know both have difference rules. I just want to know, based on your experiences, why my item is rejected here. Next time, when I want to submit another item, your advices and reviews will be helpful.

If you want feedback you can share your demo link here (not the one to that other site)

Here the demo link

The idea is just add device info. I know it just nice to have, and not give big impact to the rest WooCommerce code.


I’ve read some really iffy stuff about that marketplace - I know there are some positive reviews etc. out there but even those don’t always add up.

That aside - I am not familiar enough with Woo commerce extensions but I wonder (based on the screenshot etc. if there is enough to it to offer the necessary premium value or if there are freebie alternatives that do similar things?

I would love to know what kind of “iffy stuff” you have heard about Codester. I think it is absolutely unprofessional from Envato crew to bring such stories about competitors into the world.

And please don’t start about files ending up on warez “nulled” sites, absolute nonsense. Except from a few fake DL’s there is hardly anything to find… It is difficult to not throw the ball back on this subject :wink:

I can understand you don’t talk positive about competition, but making things up is a totally different story. I am actually staggered by the fact that this is a reaction coming from Envato crew. :frowning:

Like habibillah already mentioned, there are enough good reviews to prove that Codester is a good place to be.

You will at least not find this kind of nonsense about competitors in the Codester forums :wink: .

I’ve removed the comments about warez as I will accept that could have been hasty, but just for reference, I don’t work for envato and am only giving my own (fact based) opinion. It has nothing to do with competitor sites or otherwise.

Thank you for removing the comments.

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