Need help! My Envato API is being rejected

Hello and thank you in advance. For the past month I have been working with my Theme support ((ThemeFusion) Avada support) and my hosting service about getting my Theme activated and after a month neither can help and they both point the finger at Envato so here I am … Like I mention before I have been trying to activate this Theme but after following all instructions it gets rejected. For some reason my api is being rejected. ThemeFusion check the api on there end and it was successful, worked like a charm, my hosting service (host gator) check to make sure :: | | were not being blocked… there not … so ThemeFusion had to FTP into my site and they found that the problem is between my server and Envato. So I go back to my hosting provider and show them the error im getting, they tell me they don’t see being blocked on there end so it must be envato blocking us … can someone help with this