Need help modifying a Cinema4D File

I’m looking for a little help. I have a C4D file that I just need some words changed around init and then sent back to me as a MP4. Anyone help?

Try here

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for responding. It looks like I made a mistake on this one. I now see that I need to have a $3600 program to modify my $16 download. So the option of now hiring someone to modify this is duly noted. Thank you for that link. But I’ll just eat my $16 and move on. Not sure the purpose of this site. Is it just for developers to sell things between themselves (I think not. Why would they sell them to each other when they could create them themselves?) So I guess it is to sell someone an item and then direct them to someone who can modify it for them for some mysterious sum of money. A better business model would be for the developer to sell his modification services instead of selling the consumer something that needs to be professionally modified. But hey! Who am I? The model must work since I was stupid enough not read the fine print and dished out my paltry $16 bucks!!! Fool me once…