Need help, I've got a lot rejected, please help me to review my item

can someone help me to review my item and tell me what is wrong with it, and should I stop uploading ? I’ve got a lot rejected, i am hopeless lol


Great concept. Possibly the record could be cleaned up slightly so it views well at a small size. Plus the hole in the middle could be made white maybe. But the typography is the area where I think there is the most opportunity for improvement. The font choice doesn’t look too great, at least not in all-caps. Plus the way you’ve spaced out the slogan is probably a bit too much. Also on your alternate designs, I don’t think it looks very good where you’ve placed the logo inside a circle and square - I think it could be positioned better to look more balanced.

You could also call it “Music Store” because it looks like a shopping cart. Would make the concept extra clear.

thank you for your great advice pretty details and clear. may god bless you for your kindness :slight_smile:

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Great feedback; as a newbie here who has yet to submit my first file, I’m so encouraged to see a helpful and welcoming community of other sellers willing to share their wisdom! :slight_smile:

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