Need help, I’ve got a lot rejected, please help me to review my item

My last tune has also been rejected! I will be glad to any advice and recommendations. How to make the track meet the requirements. Thank!

Hi. I do like the ’ ad libitum’ tempo,lively vibe.I do not know the AJ reviewers opinion regarding that, though.The sound is a bit dry and ‘rough’ in my opinion, but i am listening on earbuds so i might be mistaken.But i believe the issue is after the 0’20 when everything goes a bit cloudy , musically wise.The chords does not exactly following the piano and it leads to a sort of a chaotic vibe. Also, try to emphasise the orchestration after that point by adding some elements.Cellos, strings, woodwinds, some mellow percussion elements,anything that suits you, in order to create a climax to your track.Hope that helps.Good luck further.P.S. Take care of the ending also.Let the sounds fade out , naturally, then add a smooth fade out.Right now, the fade-out seems a bit too obvious. Not accepted by AJ.

Many thanks! Your recommendations and criticism are very important to me. Now I am calmer than before because I already know what to do. I’m sure your advice will help me.

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