Need help html template hard reject

Hi my item get hard reject any tips will be appreciated.

there is some of my think

  1. maybe I am using a free hosting account and you can see web hosting company logo at the bottom.
    2.forget to include a help file but in this case, they should give me a soft reject, not a hard reject.
  2. my theme is comfortable with the latest browser.

here the link

No help file is automatically a hard rejection

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Not sure if it is just broke but it seems on our pc to be an image that opens up to show the name but that’s it?

Where’s the rest of it?

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there is a nav icon

Well there is indeed, but I don’t think users should spend 5mins looking for it :slight_smile:

Hint: its in top left corner.

thanks i will change its color

You can’t just use a free codrops template and add a few different bits of content.

Aside from that the issue is not the free hosting - with respect the execution is a long long way off the standards:

  • typography needs a lot of work

  • several inconsistencies on dofferent pages

  • lack of hierarchy

  • styling needs work throughout

  • resume feels very unfinished

Etc but as this it’s clearly using a free template which means it is highly unlikely to ever be approved

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