Need help. How to increase filesize limit automatically during theme install?



Hi. Need help. How to increase maximum filesize limit automatically during theme install?
I mean, our theme has around 77mb, and during install users get: “Are you sure you want to continue?” message.

We know that users can increase it manually like here:

But is there any way to automatically increase it during theme install, so users won’t be bothered with this?

Thanks a lot.


No, as it needs to be done on the individual server and that normally means putting the code outside of the theme folder (either wp-config.php or htaccess).

You could provide a htaccess file with the code but that will confuse buyers, just have a mention of the error in your theme documentation and in the FAQ’s on Themeforest.


Thanks a lot for your quick answer. That’s strange, since I’ve used several TF themes, quite large, on a basic server and never got such a warning. Maybe there is a secret inside theme files.

I got this reply as a soft reject from Envato staff, so they said they can’t install it during this. Previously uploaded same kind of themes without problems.