NEED HELP from Envato Team! I have chosen wrong method of withdrawal

I have chosen wrong method of withdrawal and my money go to Paypal system, but I haven’t paypal account.
How I can return my money? In the e-mail message says: “Claim your $ USD by 14 September 2017 or it’ll be returned to the sender.” Will I get the money back to my account?
Help please in this question, thank you!

Wait until the 14th of September, set up a PayPal account so you can access it, or contact PayPal support and see if they can send it back sooner.

Thank you for answer, so far I don’t need a quick receipt of money, I want to get an exact answer whether they return to my audiojungle account, If I don’t confirm receipt in paypal account.

Should do. Same with a bank… if the account number is wrong or for whatever reason, the money will return in about a week. Longer with PayPal as you’re given the option to create an account, but I can’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be returned. Should definitely be returned in time to withdraw in September so you get it in October.

I also hope so, I don’t have a paypal account and where they are now directed, but I’m afraid that my money will go nowhere.

Can Envato cancel this withdrawal?

Unlikely, but you could ask.

Where I can ask? Besides the standard answers in help support and creation of topics on the forum, I did not find anything.

You can open a ticket here:

thank you