Need help for WordPress User Session Management !!

Hello Everyone,

I need help regarding WordPress session management. Follow these steps::

Bug:- Session management and break authentication

Steps to reproduce

1.)Log in to your account using browser 1.

2.)Now, login to the same account using browser 2.

3.)Change the password in browser 1.

4.)Refresh in the browser 2 nothing will happen account remains logged in.

If this bug is not present than account must log out automatically when the browser 2 is refreshed.

It is a medium severity bug.

What will be the solution? Thanks

@unlockdesign @jamesgiroux need help.


You issue looks like php custom code! I think you will not received this type off support from here.
but you have way you can purchase plugin from here
other way to contacting with Envato Studio PHP Expert who can help you and solved your issue.

This is my personal opinion


Thank you for your answer. But It have to be inbuilt security option in word press.