need help for theme Bizzix

I’ve been on it for 3 days. in addition I paid 2 install envato of 50 dollars for nothing.

The demo doesn’t just work on empty pages

see result

Bizzix - Multipurpose Business HTML5 Template Is this your purchase item ? This is HTML template it will not install with WordPress.

No it’s and I paid 2 tickets for the installation and nothing works

You can follow this article to install your theme

Ok I was not clear enough. I install themes since 2014, I know the instructions by heart. In addition, 2 people from Envato were paid to install and failed to install the demo. Finally the doc. provided with the theme dates from 2014. in 6 years This is the first time and I don’t understand why. BIZZIX is is out or incomplete

Then contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!

I do that westeday and today and no reponse i think it’s “demo data file” bug but i’m not sure

Hi @senakht

In themeforest I found only 1 theme named: bizzix

Created 30 June 20

Please can you check which theme you mean here! are you talking about the above theme?


Yes it is

So, you have 6 months free author support included with purchase. please ask theme author durectly here:

Also you can use comments to let them know that you need their help.

Hope theme author will assist you to import demo.


the demo doesnt just work on empty pages

if it’s not working for you then have it fixed from the author. Get in touch via their support portal. If you support is valid author will definitely consider in providing you complete help and support.

thank you