Need help for "missing stylesheet error" please.

Hello guys, I can use some help please with this theme not installing:

Repair Responsive HTML 5 Template

I have tried doing what’s advised on this page:

Installing only this file doesn’t help:

I have tried contacting the author since 2 days now but no response as of this writing, can anyone help please?


I think you are trying to install in a WordPress setup a HTML template.

Looking at its name " Pro Services - Repair Responsive HTML 5 Template" it seems this is not a WordPress theme, you can’t install it as a WordPress theme.

For a HTML template you just have to copy the files inside the zip file on your web hosting server.

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OMG, this is the theme in question, can you confirm that this is NOT a WP theme please?

Hello @mikehende

Yes this is not WordPress theme, It is html template you can read it’s title and description also

Thanks :slight_smile:


Oh damn, when I was searching google specifically for a wordpress theme I was directed to this theme which why I bought it. ok thanks for confirming guys, let me go see about getting a refund now, appreciate the help!