Need Help: for Drop | Blood Donation Mobile Figma Template

I am social worker and saw screenshots of ’ Drop | Blood Donation Mobile Figma Template’ and really like design, Which will complete my dream to have social app for people.
Do anyone have real look of this app? I really want to see and buy it for social needs.

Also If I like, if someone can help me to complete this will really appreciated.
I am ready to learn Figma as well.


Figma is just the UI and design of the app - it does not look like anyone has coded it yet.

If you have budgets then you could look at hiring someone to build the app itself but bear in mind that will not be cheap to do

Thanks for response. So it’s not simple to create mobile app using given template.

Not unless you know how to write and code apps.

The file you saw is simply the design of it - you will still need to know how to write the necessary code, functionality, compatibility to different platforms etc.

Ohhhh Ok… Let’s see if anyone here like to contribute in my social work and do that.