Need help for beginner

I’m really a beginner with wordpress…
I need your help : after installling Bridge theme how i can select an appearence like TEA DEMO just like this demo from theme ???*12rncay*_gcl_aw*R0NMLjE1Njc1MTE5NDkuQ2p3S0NBanducmpyQlJBTUVpd0FYc0NjNDZKb2tTMnVVVEE4c2t4Ymd2MVFRaFdRTnlZWkNRT0hmWU1QWThvb3BkdFozN1dfd1Y2bEtSb0NRSUVRQXZEX0J3RQ…&_ga=2.37061993.850742356.1567504847-1838843623.1567504847&_gac=1.50016212.1567511950.CjwKCAjwnrjrBRAMEiwAXsCc46JokS2uUTA8skxbgv1QQhWQNyYZCQOHfYMPY8oopdtZ37W_wV6lKRoCQIEQAvD_BwE


For getting tea demo for your website you have to install theme and all required/recommendation plugins then have to import the chosen demo (tea demo). So, please check theme docuemntation hope you will get help there.

Otherwise please contact theme Author Bridge Author Support and let them know.


Thank you ^^

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