need help for approved item

Your web server doesn’t allow displaying the page inside an iframe:

Talk to your hosting provider to allow displaying your site in the iframe or change the provider as it was suggested earlier in this thread.

plz tell me how can i solve the problem ?
is there any way to change it by coding html or js ?

AFAIK it is not something that can be changed in HTML or JS. You need to change the web server configuration.
Here is MDN article about X-Frame-Options. Try asking your hosting provider if they can change this option in their configuration to allow “iframe”-ing your site or find another hosting provider.

You really need to invest in proper hosting even if it is one of the massive companies like HostGator, Blue Host, GoDaddy etc, and their shared products.

Aside form the questionable nature of any hosting that throws up malicious warnings, doesn’t allow you to display content in an iFrame and so on:

bad hosting = downtime, slow loading and potential security issues = crap experience for buyers and damage to any sales potential

Not to mention - many files end up on warez sites (as is yours already) but hosting demos on shady platforms is just gifting the files to these disgusting people.

if i don’t resolve the problem
will it be any problem or effect on sale ?

Almost certainly - Buyers are unlikely to buy something which appears to not work properly or serves up security warnings.

It may even be reported to envato or taken down until fixed.

i saw some items which does not have that frame
and live preview links directly to the hosting site
can i do that ?

Have you got links to examples of sites which do that? I was 99.9% certain all files initially load with the envato banner.

As @charlie4282 said, all the items load with the Envato banner but you could use redirection script to load the demo site

how can i do that
plz tell me.

i saw the post but i cant download from there.
there is a problem i think
if u can tell me in details how can i solve this problem
i will be very obliged and pleased.

Check the forum pages. Somewhere at the 17th, 18th page, there were some other links are still working

plz give me link

I don’t remember but it won’t take more than 5 minutes to find it there

Does the switcher not use an iFrame?

It does use an iFrame

It’s a nice feature and a good suggestion but I think it will remain a problem for the budget hosting.

I agree. He needs to purchase a hosting package as we have already suggested.