Need help for a Soft-Rejected WordPress Theme!

Hi there,

Our theme has been Soft-Rejected on 31 Dec 2018 and we would like to share it with you so you can help us by sharing your thoughts so we can prepare it for re-submit, we think we have done what they asked from us to change but anyway to be sure we are posting our demo item here so maybe your thoughts or experience will be helpful for us!

The reason is usual:

  • Visual hierarchy.

  • Typography.

  • Forms and buttons.

  • More attention to details.

  • Better design consistency.

  • An overall spacing.

  • Color contrast and schemes.

Demo: Trosha WordPress Theme

Thank you,
Best Regards, Crumble Team.

Hey , Great Work
In my opinion:
1.Typography on slider and Trosha creative Image
2.Spaces between sections (most important part)
3.Title attribute on products


Thank you,
We really appreciate your opinion and your suggestions, we will see and adapt these changes in next hours and we’ll see what’s happening.

Best Regards,
Crumble Team.

Good luck ; )