Need help finding the correct theme.

Hi. Please I need help to decide on what theme to buy. I need a Monetized listing theme with front end user posting. It is mainly for login user to upload image/images. Multi step submission form, where users can first upload their (logo, or any display image) and other file uploader to upload more images. The first image is clickable to display the other images uploaded. Need custom field submission, pricing table, email template, translations, paypal, fully customizable, and that the results page for listing can be in grid style with print options to print image. options for live or pending- collect data from users, and users can have a dashboard. ad banners space to sell too. thanks


For all that you will need to make custom template or site. You will not find all out of box. I don’t know what budget you have but that will cost you.

thank you!!! do not know how much it can cost, but I was think on buying a directory or classified and then hire someone to customize it. I bought mylistings here. but do not know if it will work as I want it. thanks for responding!!!

Hello @vabase,

You are right buying a listing theme and customizing it is the best path to create the site you want. Most listing themes already have a user login with user dashboard with an image upload functionality. But most of the listing themes gravitate towards listing places so that is something you’ll have to change along with the multi-step form. Some listing themes also have payment gateway integration to charge users for listing.

If you are looking for someone to help you with the customisation I can help, you can contact me here