Need Help Finding an HTML Template!

I have a customer that wants a specific look to his new website. He likes the look of the contact form on this website. He won’t have a video like you’re seeing on that page, and no slider. It will only be one picture, but he wants the contact form identical to how they have it on that site… overlay on the picture to the right. (I don’t know how he even found that website to show me… must’ve been a fluke.) I’ve tried multiple searches on Themeforest looking for a template with this feature but cannot find one. Does anyone know if there is an HTML template on Themeforest with a contact form on the homepage like this one? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Do you mean the “estimate” form that drops down?

The “contact us” form that is overlaid on the video.

there’s probably a template on envato which has this type of form there but I can’t think of one off the top of my head

This could easily be created using Jquery or there’s loads of tutorial/plugins out there which do similar like which would work with a little customising to what exqctly you need.

Thanks very much! I was hoping for a pre-made template, but I will check out the website you linked too. :slight_smile:

Edit: Also weird that you’re seeing “Get a FREE Estimate” and I only see “Contact Us.”

I’m sure there are some but it would maybe make more sense to find the right template/code the right site and then just add the feature as it really is not complicated and that way you would not be forcing yourself into whatever layout the template that already has that feature is.

Modals like this (change the fields of course) (click login/register) would be a nice alternative and flexible way to acheive something similar. Again hundreds of tutorials and plugins to apply this type of effect to a suitable design

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